Beatles With Love Show, Hamilton Philharmonic

Graphics for Beatles with Love Concert. Darcy Hepner, the HPO and Band.

What a trip and a privilege to work on this project. Many thanks to the amazing Darcy Hepner: the creative director, composer, conductor and at one point recorder soloist for the show. And thanks to the HPO, and Executive Director Diana Weir. The show featured a group of excellent band musicians: Guitars/vocals: Bill Dillon, Jamie Oakes, Steve Strongman, Bass: Paul Intson, Drums: Rick Gratton, Keyboards: Dusty Micale, Vocalists: Ian Thomas, D'eve Archer, Tera Lightfoot, Jeremy Wright, Singers: Aoife Doyle, Aisha Barrow, Stephanie Sloss; along with the superb Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra.

An original image was designed for each song (in a few cases video too), inspired by the music of the Beatles and the vast amount of Beatles and psychodelic imagery of the time. The general aesthetic was the Yellow Submarine film, from which a clip was shown during the overture of the show. I designed new characters and redrew a few characters from the film in the style of Pepperland. Some of the imagery is a homage to the great designer Heinz Edelmann's work on that wonderful film. Many images contain esoteric elements that hopefully will cater to even the most ardent Beatles fan. For example the arrows pointing to the city of Hamilton are a play off one of the stage sets used when the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. Have a look here for a selection of the graphics..

Paperback Writer


A Day in the Life

Fool on the Hill

Hey Jude

Martha My Dear


Carry That Weight

I Am the Walrus

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

We Can Work It Out

All You Need is Love

The End

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