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Short Films

A few casual short film projects shot over the years. George Bush is the star of two of them. Sad to see George go. In a dark way he was an inspiration for me. All films made with a minimum of equipment and resources.

Lake Morning
A short film edited from footage shot during an early morning kayak on Jack Lake, Ontario. I started out just to shoot some stills, but also did video along the way. Not the best filming conditions, shooting hand held on the water in a kayak, with a less than ideal camera. But it was a peaceful clear morning.

Directed, filmed and edited by John Farr.
Shot with a Fuji X100.
The music was composed for the film and performed by Adrean Farrugia.
Performed on a Shigeru Kawai SK7 piano
The score was recorded at Merriam Music in Oakville with recording engineer Mike Tompa.
Special thanks to Mara for rising at 5:30 am to participate in the project.
Length 3:30

This slight film made in 1957, was a minor sensation when it was originally released, but then drifted into obscurity. The film which inspired many New Wave French filmmakers has been painstakingly reconstructed by the director. Jean-Luc Godard declared that “Seduction was totally unencumbered by the constraints of mainstream cinema. It was an enigma."

The film was criticized as being too abstract and was not readily accepted by the viewing public at the time. The hapless male leads appear drifting in an existential haze. The women appear unsentimental with the young starlet smoking with reckless élan, and her sister likewise rash and audacious. It was reported that Jeanne Moreau took up cigarettes after viewing the film.

The tight budget of the project intimidated many directors. François Truffaut was stunned that so much could be achieved with so little. Or was it so little achieved with so much. What ever the case, the director was accused of showing utter contempt for his audience, a description later, and ironically, applied to the work of many New Wave directors. The ambivalent plot, loaded with latent content, teases the audience before plummeting into the depths of ennui. Not for all tastes, but then again few things in life are.
A Film by John Farr.
Music by Darcy Hepner, Blue Ballerina
Technical notes: transferred from 16 mm film, shot in 1957. Edited by John Farr. 90 seconds long.

After The Fall
A film I made with a few friends back in Niagara Falls in 1978. This was a monumental project at the time. Originally shot in super-8 with sound. Mike (Flipp Wigg) and I were working on 3 film ideas at the same time, with all 3 collapsing. I ended up editing all the footage into one semi-cohesive (barely), avantegarde (hopefully) noir (a stretch) narrative. Recently digitized and tweeked. (6 min)

Rise of the Pumpkin
Assembled time lapse of the decay/rise of a Halloween pumpkin. Photographed over 8 months. 2 mins.

Feb 11, 2018 Made in 2002 using a toy Intel Play camera, and the editing software that came with the camera. Featuring a few of our friends, and kids. Shot in the Dundas Valley.


Music videos

Feb 2, 2018 Video project for the song "From Afar" by Ferguson North. Slow motion video shot around Dundas Ontario.
Nov 12, 2017 Video project for the song "Fabian" by Ferguson North. A deeply personal song for the band in homage to Astrid's nephew Fabian. The video uses some wonderful skating, surfing and ambient footage by Fabian, and it was an honour to work on this project.

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