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"Starve" is a brilliant comic book series. It’s a clever combination of Iron Chef meets Road Warrior that plays off our excessive relationship with food. The story is intense and just edgy enough to serve the concept. The art is efficiently sparse and atmospheric. Starve is a flambouyant and popular cooking TV show, where the famous and exiled chef Gavin Cruikshank comes back to compete on the program. Starve was his original concept, but it was hijacked and sensationalized to become a morally broken spectacle that caters to the wealthy. Cruikshank intends to win on Starve and take back the show, but he has to do it within the new and extravagant rules, which include cooking up endangered and instinct species and live butchering.

There are a number of strong supporting story lines. Cruikshank’s vindictive ex-wife wants him to fail, which is complicated by the sypathethic involvement of his abandoned daughter. Along the way he confronts his old cooking rivals. These elements all tie together nicely and give the story depth. I like also the descriptions of the food Cruikshank prepares. They are interesting, credible, and show good culinary knowledge. The recipies sometimes appear in a form one could easily follow and cook at home. Thankfully in our world bluefin tuna is not an extinct species. Not yet at least.

A quick fun read. Great for foodies and graphic novel fans. Bon appetite.

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