Dundas Sydenham Hill 2 km Time Trial


I have been casually running a time trial on Sydenham Hill in Dundas for many years. An amusement for our cycling friends. The 2 km course starts at the corner of Park and Sydenham. There is a cross walk line there. The finish is the larger telephone pole at Dyments (and Fallsview Rd). This gives you enough time to slow up and turn onto Fallsview...and check your time! I sometimes have a finish line sign (that disappears) on the hydro pole. The climb is around 100 m. in elevation. There is a Strava segment that I also set up. See below.


Sydenham Hill Climb Video....Interrupted

Cycling Legends
Canadian cycling legends at the commemoration of the hill as Clara's Climb, after Clara Hughes (on the right) who trained there.

Pal Murray comparing calf muscles with Curt Harnett.

Bicycle photo series



1. Nicolas Newell ....5:19
2. Vi Pather ....6:32
3. Dianne Moroz .....6:45
4. Murray Wickham .....6:50
5. Mara A.Farr....7:11

6. Bob Schofield .....7:16
7. Dave Beer.....7:21
8. Cam Whiffing .....7:23
9. Keith Johnson ....7:25
10.Peter Leyser ..... 7:34

11. John Farr .....7:42
12. Ed Kolodziejski.....7:54
13. Shirley Inglis .....8:17
14. Mari Evans .....8:19
15. Alene Alexanian .....8:32

16. Elizabeth Bluemke .....8:45
17. Rudy Hlacar.....8:57
18. John Bennett .....8:58
19. Larry Sagar.....8:58
20. Jo Schachtschneider ....9:25

21. Michele Henderson .....9:43
22. Oliver ....10:03

red dots
Nicholas. With his Pinarello.

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