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Y Tu Mamá También (2001)

One could get distracted and possibly turned off (or on?) by the raunchy side of this film. There are at least six sex scenes. But that would deprive you of the many rewards this film delivers. The story takes place in Mexico City over the summer holidays and revolves around two close friends, Tenoch and Julio (the excellent Gael García Bernal). Both are 18ish and over heated. After their girl friends leave for Italy for the summer, they jive-on about women and sex in their own little world. They boldly strut around, even trying to lure an older woman they meet at an upscale wedding they attend.

Just when the boys seem bored out of their minds, the woman from the wedding turns up and takes them up on an offer to visit a great, but none existant beach, that they described to her at the wedding. And so the road trip begins. A trip to someplace that does not exist. Luisa however has some "baggage" of her own. The film has an unbridled energy and feverish momentum that is infectious. At one hilarious point, as the three gab openly about sex in the car, the conversation gets so hot the rad blows. The fevered pitch of the film is nicely counter balanced by a sobering voice-over that occasionally describes seemingly unrelated events along the way. It's an amazing device, like a faint haunting murmur in the background. The constant chatter is also punctuated by a few serene and silent underwater sequences. Luisa meanwhile, acts as some kind of central gyro force attempting to keep everything in balance. Conflicts of course arise, and it is up to her, or so she thinks, to reset the balance. There is also a social and political subtext, some of which gets delivered by the scenes in the Mexican countryside.

There have been many avoidable movies about horny teens, but this certainly is the most unrestrained and natural. Regarding the sex scenes, they are never exploitive, seedy or uncomfortable....but somehow natural, unabashed and even fun. The film will not be for everyone's taste, and it's a lot raunchier than anything from Hollywood. Spanish, with English subtitles.

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