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I happened to catch this film on TV recently. I had seen it before a few years ago, and got hooked on watching it again... for a return trip to the amazing world of legendary underground comic artist Robert Crumb. If you are not familiar with Crumb, a few examples of his work would be: his character Fritz the Cat, The keep on trukin theme art and The Janis Joplin album cover. This documentary film is so frank and open that it is almost uncomfortable to watch. Crumb himself could be seen as a weird perverted wacko, which he probably was, but when you meet his family, he seems very normal. I'm not sure where that leaves the rest of us, but it's pretty scary to think about. The film is a very intimate portrait of Crumb cut together with an amazing number of examples of his art, interviews with his family, wives, ex-girl friends and critics. Crumb lets loose with his pen the uneditted inner spaces of his mind and the result is very scary and inspiring. He is a true original, as is the film. I feel it is a must see for anyone interested in art, film and comics.

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